Private label water bottles ideal for businesses, sporting clubs and organisations

Private label water bottles are bottles of water custom-labelled to promote your business, product, service, event or organisation.

They effectively communicate your messages to customers or prospects when you want to build your brand or promote an event.

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Private label water bottles are bottles of water custom-labelled to effectively advertise and promote your business or organisation

Use custom-labelled bottles of water to promote your company or organisation

Private label water bottles are more than just branding

Custom label water bottles are an easy way to build your brand and communicate your message in a novel and refreshing way compared to other traditional forms of marketing. Use them in day-to-day business, seminars, conferences, events and fundraising. Your branded quality merchandise will provide effective exposure and raise your profile.

Effectively promote your business

Private label water bottles are effective in promoting your business when you deal with people face-to face. Personalised water bottles stand out as quality business promotional items and are easy to give away to clients or prospects as a hand out. They softly create a talking point about your business, comfortably communicate your business messages, and as they can be taken away and reused, they are a ‘gift that keeps on giving’.

Raise money for you organisation

You can sell your custom-labelled bottles as a simple way to generate revenue for your organisation. This is particularly suited to occasions your organisation is running an event where custom-labelled bottles can be sold at stands or included in show bags.

Our strong plastic bottles are BPA-free, reusable, and are branded with high-quality durable labels. Our water is sourced from the Dandenong Ranges – one of the purest natural sources of spring water in the world – by Cool Aqua Springs. Both our water and process are certified to ensure you get only the purest water.

Delivery is Australia-wide

We are proud to service and deliver across Australia. Let us do all the work for you!

We deliver private label water bottles Australia-wide

We deliver bottles Australia-wide

Minimum orders – we are the lowest in Australia

We offer the lowest minimum order in Australia and offer single pallet runs. That is 96 slabs of 600 ml where each slab has 24 bottles.

Bottle shelf life – keeps for two years minimum

Our unopened bottles have an official shelf life of two years however their shelf life is almost indefinite provided they are kept in the correct environment.

Shrink wrap – brand your slabs of private label water bottles

Shrink wrapping is a plastic film that wraps that 24 custom label 600 ml or 350 mL bottles into slabs. We can overprint this shrink wrapping for you to maximise promotion of your brand or communication of your message.

Bottle sizes for private label water bottles

We supply water bottles in 600 ml (regular) and 350 mL (small) sizes. The bottle and lid come in one standard shape and colour. If quantities are large enough, we can order bottles and lids in a specific shape and colour, as well as, fully shrink wrap your bottle slabs.

Our product range of private label water includes 600 mL and 350 mL bottles

We supply 600 ml and350 mL bottles

Who benefits from private label water bottles

Restaurants & cafes

Let your customers see and promote your restaurant or cafe with branded water bottles as they visit local tourist attractions and events.


Private label water bottles for restaurants & cafes

Real estate agents

Professional water bottle merchandise will build and reinforce your image while clients make one of the biggest decisions. Great on auction days!


Private label water bottles for real estate agents

Car yards

Offering prospects custom-labelled bottles can add a refreshing touch to their experience as they browse the showroom or test drive cars.


Private label water bottles for car yards

Fitness centers & gyms

Water is essential for fitness, so increase exposure by having your members show others where they get their water from.


Private label water bottles for fitness centers & gyms

Seminars & conferences

People are drawn to branded water bottles held by others. Promote your business and future events by handing them out at your gathering.


Private label water bottles for seminars & conferences

Sports clubs

Let people support your team and make your sports event stand out while keeping everyone hydrated. After all, sport is thirsty stuff.


Private label water bottles for sports clubs

Trade shows

Give prospects a branded bottle to remember you by. Trade it for their email address so you can add them to your mailing list.


Private label water bottles for trade shows

Not for profits

Promote on your bottles how to donate to your organisation, thus increasing awareness of your cause while selling them for fundraising.


Private label water bottles for not for profits

Practice waiting rooms

Provide a low cost luxury to your patients while promoting one of your special services with a coupon code on the branded water labels.


Private label water bottles for practice waiting rooms

Retail store giveaway of custom labelled water bottles

A unique idea to promote your retail stores to reward your customers with a giveaway custom labelled water when they make purchases. If they make large enough purchases, you can offer more bottles for their family and friends. Customers can then promote your retail store with your branded water bottles when they drink them amongst others.

Promote your retail store giveaway on social media

Promote your water bottle giveaway with in-house purchases on social media to attract customers. This type of promotion will help build up your social media profiles to further help market your retail store to more customers.

Retail store giveaway of custom labelled water bottles

Retail store giveaway of custom labelled water bottles

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